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The Faculty of Fine Arts at the National Pedagogical University has roots in the Department of Fine Arts (approval on December 18, 1973; created on January 22, 1974) with two seminal programs: Expertise in Music Pedagogy and Education Science Bachelor’s Degree with Music Pedagogy Majors. Following Decree Law 80 of 1980, the Department was seconded to the new Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the program changed its name in 1984 to Bachelor’s Degree of Music Pedagogy.

By Resolution 076 of December 21, 1994, the University created the Faculty of Fine Arts. But the transition from Department to Faculty starts only until 1997 and finally established in 1998. The same year the program Performing Arts was designed, including a blueprint of a Visual Arts Program. After a curriculum restructuring, during the second period of 2000, the Bachelor´s Degree of Music which replaced the Bachelor´s Degree of Music Pedagogy. The Bachelor´s Degree of Performing Arts began in first semester of 2001, and Bachelor´s Degree in Visual Arts began in second semester of 2006 taking advantage of the previous experience in visual arts.

In 2006 the Senior Council of the University issued Agreement 035 to draw up Academic Regulations of the University. Such an agreement is a norm to standardize every program adjustments of the University following the credit system. The Faculty of Fine Arts assumed the complete responsibility and began a thorough review process of educational guidelines, teaching practices, positions towards art, pedagogy and art education, management and social outreach and other academic items related. Then the First Assembly Academic Faculty implemented a diagnosis and a projection to begin a process called curriculum renewal, which currently runs its own ongoing implementation and assessment.

By 2010 the Bachelor´s Degree of Music and Performing Arts under renovation Registration Qualified began immediately a process of High Quality Accreditation. Today the Faculty of Fine Arts has three bachelor´s degrees, develops a program of professional musicians in agreement with Ministry of Culture and provides through Management Vice-Presidency and Advisory and Extension Division, a program of Free Extension Courses of different artistic areas.