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Goals, mission and vision

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- Promote teachers training in arts concerning pedagogy as a foundational discipline. 
- Ease processes that lead to training, performance and further education (post-graduate) for teachers of the Faculty.
- Creation of postgraduate courses in Art Education Pedagogy.
- Provide update courses for teachers of fine arts as a fundamental part of the social projection of the University.
- Strengthen specific, research and discipline environments.
- Ensure quality assurance attached to the faculty curriculum projects.
- Strengthen academic and administrative processes implemented in the current curriculum projects.
- Strengthen the participation of the Faculty at the local, national and international levels.
- Promote participation in national and international events on behalf of the Faculty and the University.
- Project the Social Projection of the Faculty.
- Provide technical and practical issues in order to generate feasible implementing alternatives for performing arts to educate new citizens.
- Look for education of individuals committed to the social and cultural reality of our country as well as the development of knowledge and pedagogical expertise and art pedagogy.
- Produce pedagogy research lines regarding performing arts.





The mission of the Faculty of Arts at the UPN is given below:


- Support a setting-up of the Pedagogical Political Project of the Colombian education
- Promote a setting for new citizens into new fields of action and within the Constitution with the peace concept as one of its main purposes.
- Lead reflection processes including society-art-pedagogy to build a proper and own view of specific problems of the Colombian nation, and promote new living spaces and a cognitive development based on arts features.
- Searching and strengthening identity, quality, relevance and research in the various training scenarios; also becoming a fair participant who provides equal training opportunities without discrimination of gender, ethnicity, creed, or ideology. 
- Research and propose educational knowledge in art to different cultural contexts and educational fields.
- Support authorities at national, regional and local levels to design and implement projects in arts education at the primary, secondary and higher education levels in official, non- official and informal modalities.
- Be responsive regarding education of autonomous citizens because of their leadership, including a collectively built educational qualification in order to encourage a holistic sense of commitment for professional of arts.
- From budgets devoted to human and professional education, contribute to strength social and cultural individuals according to our country's needs.
- Generate a methodical and constant reflection on Art and Education by linking concepts and practice in relation to the specific and global contexts.
- Organize and invigorate educational and research processes for artistic advancement through educational networks and programs to different populations, issues and educational processes.
- Check the meaning of art in Colombian education, creating discourses and promoting its universalization from fields of proceeding to be built.
- Recognize concept changes in Arts, Education and Artistic pedagogy to train updated educators.





The Faculty of Arts at the UPN has to become a leader training teachers and advisory in Arts and cultural, artistic and educational policies of our country. By prioritizing ethics, autonomy, a comprehensive education of the student, the sense of belonging, identity, participation, honesty in administrative management, coexistence, solidarity and mutual respect, we seek a real involvement with the country besides innovation and contribution to knowledge of the arts in different educational contexts. By establishing and grounding innovative, pedagogical artistic proposals based on ongoing research and training of professional individuals who will be ethical, aesthetic, creative, committed to the transformation and development of Colombian art education, we could answer to diverse cultural demands with teaching, aesthetic and methodological strategies and therefore strengthening discourse and practice of arts in educational environments, community settings, integration and re-socialization milieus, among others.