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Vision and mission


Our mission and vision, i.e. the general guidelines to develop the rest of areas and practices gives each one of the students and staff a clear picture to become a relevant part of our program of physical activity based on our interests and principles, i.e. about our duty as Physical Education bachelors. Therefore the relevance of why, what and how of physical assessments we have been implementing into the gym. In this issue, each member of our programs will learn basics on physical examination performed, and also finding out their results and / or order the necessary for an appointment.

Today our society is increasingly giving an emphasis on health care. Day after day media invade our environment with alternatives aiming to improve often almost in a magical way. Undoubtedly those new trends for health try to answer to certain social and cultural changes that have been developed from sociopolitical concepts regarding vision of man and society. Thus, recently health has been considered one of the political priorities by international organizations, such as WHO, PAHO and FAO who claim the lack of activity and poor diet as major risk factors in the development of psychological-and-physical disorders that are attacking worldwide each year against populations.

However, it should be noted that under this scenario of government policies for health of individuals, there is plenty to talk therefore in front of that global and national context, and as physical educators we consider a real need to address comprehensively and objectively these issues by seeking always real strategies in search not only the health of individuals but their true wellbeing at biological, psychological and social levels.

As such, we must consider true that our society is increasingly concerned by health and aesthetics issues, but it is also true that many times the general perspective offered by some industrial sectors and media is simply reduced to the achievement of physical goals that respond to body stereotypes where health just seems to be tied to a perfect body.

The problem is really evident while some international organizations seek to some extent create a culture of health worldwide, sponsoring government campaigns that promote physical activity and good nutrition within many societies including ours of course. Some markets offer nuances of context of that idyllic health, aesthetic bodies, substances and products to reduce weight. Health is then immersed in a trap of lies and myths gripping the community, and generating a damaging rather than healthy culture.

Given this situation, the administration of the gym has considered the biggest relevance of consolidating spaces to manage comprehensively the health of individuals where the important thing is not only an aesthetically health but a true wellbeing of each person at bio-psycho-social level. 

The challenge is then to redefine the health terms echoing several times in our society and seeking strategies to educate the academy community for a new wellbeing focused on each individual, i.e. an ideal wellbeing from which it is possible to get a necessary balance between what we want and need as biological and social subjects. Taking into account this and based on current evidence, it is important to begin to re-educate society regarding a new meaning of our health.

On a daily basis many students and officials approach the gym by looking for college training programs to help them to achieve their goals, which are focused almost entirely on weight loss or body shaping. This state of affairs shows that aestheticism remains the main paradigm within our college gymnasium, so we have a great opportunity to rebuild the scope and practices consolidating strategies to turn things around, and developing slowly programs that address health not only bio-physiologically and aesthetically terms but beyond that new possibilities should be promoted to favor the biological, psychological and social balance. 

Thus the gym of the UPN opens doors to the university community, offering an educational program in favor of bio-psycho-social well-being of each individual based on vital practiced and instance so everyone understands why, what and how physical activity means, and breaking the quantitative paradigm of the workout and industrial stereotype of the current modern health.