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The Faculty of Physical Education was created by Resolution 076 of 1994 by the Senior Council of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and confirmed by Presidential Decree 2902 of 31 December, 1994. However, the beginning as a teacher academic unit was on June 25, 1936, following the Decree 1528 that created the National Institute of Physical Education, where academic and administrative structure taking into account operation, name and projection that have been changed over time.

Originally the National Institute of Physical Education had as a main objective to train teachers in order to meet needs of sports required to develop plans of Physical Education following the objectives, such as: health, physical recreation, improving energy, and subject`s character development.

Then regarding organization, Teachers’ Council and duties were established. Article 23 of Decree 1528, 1936, says that Institute should have an Assistant Director performing typical tasks of a Director. In addition, he has been empowered to create the administrative and services staff as well as powers to establish study plans and programs but taking into account the acceptance and approval by the Teachers Council. Also the origin of the Institute budget was specified, including facilities, equipment and laboratories at the Universidad Nacional but we subsequently had to be moved to Higher Normal School in 1942, an autonomous, higher teachers` center, starting therefore a new program of the Physical Education, previously under Ministry of National Education (MEN) rules.

The fusion of the Institute and the Higher Normal School has given as a result of the legalization of the former, i.e. a division of the Normal, but plans and programs would be again from that date in charge of Ministry of Education. Here, it is pertinent to note that autonomy of the academic planning is lost and teachers and students of this new division of the Normal are subordinated to teaching assignments to the National Institute Nicolás Esguerra. Finally, Decree 1238 of 1938 has given the final provisions to set the syllabus and curriculum for Women`s Normal School.

After closing Women’s Normal School, the Institute was located at the National Park in Bogotá and named Escuela de Educación Física para Varones (Physical Education School for Men), and the female branch was located next door the UPN, Calle 74ª No. 4-23, but subsequently was joined to the School for Men at the National Park.

From all these developments, new actions aimed at recognition of the physical education teaching career were started. Then the Ministry takes the administrative management and offers budget, preparation of teaching materials and the relevant faculty staff.

The Institute worked at the National Park about 10 years until Universidad Pedagógica Femenina (Women's Pedagogical University) becomes a mixed entity and linked finally in 1967 to the Institute as a teaching division of the University, and beginning regular classes in January of 1968. It should be noted finally teachers Angel Humberto Vaca, Mary Ruíz y Marco Vinicio Mejía, structuring a new curriculum to guide new professionals.

Then Resolution 076, 1994, by the Senior Council of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, and Approval 2902 of December 31, 1994, i.e. a Presidential Decree created the Faculty of Physical Education. In general, basically we can say that from its location at the UPN facilities in 1962, this academic unit has been working to teacher training thus contributing to the promotion of sport and physical activity in several types and levels as well as encouraging new teacher training institutions in this field, since our Faculty has the privilege as "Alma Mater" of Colombian Physical Education, not only for being the birthplace of Physical Education at professional level, but leadership over 66 years besides the recognition for the quality of our graduates, teachers and their contributions to education, particularly in the central region of our country.