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Master of Education

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 Avenue 9 No. 57 - 41
Bogotá D.C, Colombia - South America  
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m a 5:00 p.m, Continuos working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 607

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About Us


The Master of Education of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional –UPN– is an academic project with an extensive research trajectory with two strengths; firstly, structured from research groups recognized at national and international level with a significant productivity reflected by a great number of events and books and articles published. Secondly, this proposal introduces significant changes to the advanced training in Colombia.


Expertise research groups that organize academic rooms to contextualize the students’ research.
Teachers devoted not only to teaching but also to research.
Professorial seminar, a permanent space where teachers discuss their work proposals, methodologies and results of their researches.
A flexible curriculum plan in which students build their own training path accompanied by a tutor based on their research work.
Seminars not only omit preset programs, but socialize research by their submitters.
Socialization of students' projects.
Yearly publication of the book Lecciones y Lecturas en Educación.
Continuing contributions to University Journals (Folios; Pedagogía y Saberes; Revista Colombiana de Educación).
Permanent publication of books by Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and other local and foreign publishers.
Teachers and students participation in academic events.