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Specialization of Social Management of Education

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Address: Street 9 no. 57 - 41, Fourth floor
Bogotá D.C, Colombia - South America
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m a 5:00 p.m, Continuos working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 608
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Graduate Deparment 



About Us


Specialization of Social Management of Education (EGSE) is a post-grade training program created by Agreement 036 on June 22, 1994, ICFES code No.110553706581100113100, prior Accreditation Resolution No. 501 issued on March 9, 2000; offered from 1995 under ICFES registration 55518, ranking it at the Basic knowledge level in Education and Science Education, and assigning the relevant Qualified Registry SNIES 1105.


This Specialization is now established as an interdisciplinary scheme, thinking educational policy and management from a pedagogical perspective and human development. In this regard, educational management is a process aimed at strengthening the educational dynamics in order to meet local, regional and national requirements. A triad guiding the Specialization is the relationship between pedagogy, management and education policy, becoming the cornerstones of the curriculum project.



General Purpose


Training professionals focused on Social Management of Education with a comprehensive humanist vision and a pedagogical emphasis that allows them to go along with and develop projects in order to transform their local contexts, which will be able to manage educational, scientific and cultural institutions.