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Specialization in Teaching Baseline Natural Sciences

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Address: Street 72 No. 11 - 86
Bogota DC, Colombia, South America
Opening Hours: Monday to friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  - Continuous working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 - 347 1190 Ext. 241 - 242



Following its origins and vision, Universidad Pedagógica Nacional promotes a building of an official Political Pedagogical Project. In this regard it is focused on institutional commitment to the integral promotion of people and a social and cultural development. We develop research processes required for scientific, technological, artistic, political and philosophical advancement in the field of education and pedagogy, establishing educational, local, regional, national and international networks. upn innovates, directs and triggers the pedagogical processes and takes a strong commitment to the educational institutions, the family, the media, through a constant analysis of educational issues.


UPN trains education professionals and other stakeholders at all levels and types of education system in the country besides working in the educational processes aimed at special populations and non-formal and informal settings. Also evaluates the National Education System and feeds back to the Ministry of Education and other governmental and nongovernmental agencies to set down policies and generation, implementation and evaluation of research programs and projects in education and pedagogy.


We strengthen the national identity and back a consolidation of a democratic social state. Also we aim at a sustainable development on equality and a culture of peace but promoting respect for the environment, through the exercise of teaching, research and outreach tasks. Particularly the Dept. of Physics aims to generate a research and educational environment which lets this academic area become as an example of own teacher training for the country, both new teachers required by the education system and the practicing teachers.


A Dept. of Physics conducive to the creation of a new educational culture and coexistence on the basis of autonomy, the development of thinking, pedagogical changes, the development of science and technology and the information evolution in order to achieve a comprehensive and ongoing training for all students without exception. The Dept. of Physics in line with the ‘Political Pedagogical Project by upn’ has a mission to provide educational services of Science Education for Colombia. For that it is intended that the provided should be in accordance to needs and expectations of the school community through a planning and development of projects and programs, providing outreach services to the community, and consultancies by helping to solve educational issues of our country.


Our endeavor must promote and manage a continuous change in the education sector, always updating pedagogical and didactic models, so we could ensure a continuous improvement of the learning processes within the Dept. by triggering an involvement of the community academic. The Specialization Program is proposed as an option for teachers to give an investigative nature to their daily work, and enabling enriched educational alternatives for their students; insofar as they could contribute to approach and involve them with nature of the scientific work. Then it is aimed at training teachers strengthened by history and epistemology of their respective discipline, not only to develop their teaching work but also the required rudiments to address a cross-disciplinary work that allows them to reply to demands raised by the Basic Education and individual goals of educational research framed in masters or doctoral programs.




Foster a contemporary reflection on science issues producing on teachers and consequently on their students a new attitude against scientific knowledge and their teaching.
- Provide theoretical and practical issues that enable a meaningful educational experience in our cultural context, joining a critical rationality, a systematic analysis and a differential language of science.