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Bachelor Degree in Basic Education, Focus on Social Sciences

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 Street 72 No. 11 - 86, Building P, Of. Second floor 
Bogotá DC, Colombia, South America 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Continuous working day
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About Us


Following the Academic Statute of the UPN (Resolution 019 of 1999), the LEBECS curriculum design involves two sequential and progressive training courses, i.e. Basics, which correspond to the first 6 semesters; and Deepening, which takes place during the last 4 semesters. In the first one, we plan the academic activities of the students about the basic conceptual, epistemological, methodological and evaluative basics to make, design, implement and systematize research or intervention projects of teaching and educational fields, either theoretical and conceptual issues or the teaching itself.

In the second one, we are going to focus on the professional teacher training in a range of academic activities through interdisciplinary seminars, academic subjects to approach the school setting and the teaching and pedagogical practices of a project design in which the foundation is taken from three specific areas: educational research, the pedagogy and teaching of Social Sciences, and the pedagogical practice.

These both courses are developed through five training fields (a specific discipline; pedagogy and didactics; science and research; communication and language; and ethics, aesthetics and recreation) where we define specifically and differentiated inclusive problem cores to be appropriated, designed and developed for each academic subject.