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Bachelor´s Degree of Sports

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About Us


The Bachelor’s Degree in Sports has begun thanks to interest of establishing a new relationship between sports and knowledge and social life, but also against the evident complexity and differentiation of sports as a social and cultural phenomenon of a significant magnitude, expressed both within their relevant practices and fields of knowledge developed.


The scope of sports, regarded at the beginning to train youth was extended to new age groups and populations, compromising several aspects of social life: educational, economic, administrative, political and cultural issues. Currently, it is a great tool for integration and social control, which deserves to be studied from an educational perspective.



Although this phenomenon involves a particular social relevance, either by several factors, i.e. educational functions related to the school; demands received and exercised by the state itself; children and youth’s likes and dislikes; economic returns or urban changes impacted; although a reluctant attitude to study this issue at the national level paradoxically, it has been most regarded in the best of cases by its deviations (violence, drugs, doping, adverse sports results, etc.) rather than its extensive educational, cultural and social implications. Helping to save such a situation is the interest of the Academic Bachelor’s Degree in Sports.





The Bachelor’s Degree of Sports has been projected to study and research upon sports and educational reality as a socio-cultural fact and practice; production of prescriptive theories and practices; analyzing issues of individual and collective behavior; and identification of psychological, historical, sociological, economic and institutional repercussions related to sports.


As academic and productive purpose, this Program examines a set of individual, social and cultural events of sports trying to develop pedagogical knowledge about the sports and reflecting upon pedagogical and sports practices in order to meet social needs of several areas involved. That purpose is supplemented by contributing to train professional and disciplinary communities from a contextual perspective and a reflection on knowledge, our country and education, revitalizing sports knowledge and practice from an educational project.


As a pedagogical and cultural project, the Bachelor’s Degree of Sports aims at transforming conceptions, representations, individual and social instrumental uses of sports and education, and creating new meanings against sporting events and discuss about power relations involved. Therefore, this project assumes commitments related below:


 -    Training critical subjects with social involvement; sense of fair and justice; and able to generate alternative solutions to local and regional sports educational issues. Our professional should have a deeper conceptual understanding and management of educational and sports reality by allowing understanding, qualifying and transforming organizations or institutions where his/her professional practice may be applied.

Strengthening opportunities for reflection and research so this professional of teaching may understand sports issues, and thus qualify permanently his/her pedagogical practice.

 -    Training professionals as responsible citizens with ethical criteria, so they may take part and contribute and promote the involvement of different members of the school community or sports institution focused on a shared cultural project.
 -    Training teachers in addition to humanistic, pedagogical and disciplinary teaching, who should be highly flexible to assume a suitable social dynamics of our country.
 -    Building innovative proposals to help and transform the collective criteria about sports, and provide thinking points related to misuse and well-tempered use of sports.
 -    Founding academic communities that are valid speakers against instances of management and organization of sports.





Our program corresponds to a process of undergraduate training, classroom type. The degree may be awarded to those who have submitted and approved successfully academic subjects and areas.



In addition there should be an approval of a research or innovation related to a chosen emphasis on a deepening cycle.