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Bachelor´s Degree of Early Childhood Education

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Address: Street 72 No. 11 - 86, Building P, Second floor
Bogotá D.C, Colombia - South America 
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Bachelor's Degree of Early Childhood Education aims to study children under 8 years. Seeks to train educators committed to supporting the comprehensive childhood development; teachers with critical and reflexive attitude about their teaching work in general and pedagogical processes in particular; constant committed builders of educational, political, social proposals for children that identifies them as agents of change of the educational reality of our country.



In response to several criteria, this Bachelor's Degree promotes teacher training in different educational, sociocultural and economic contexts through pedagogical and research practices. It also contributes to a qualification of educational activities of different social performers responsible for children education through advisory, publications, seminars, conferences, workshops and other local, regional, national and international academic events. Similarly, enters into partnerships and interagency agreements and communication networks that strengthen and enrich the academic community.






Address analytically the education-society-culture relationship, emphasizing a socio-humanistic training that allows recognition of ethical, social and political scopes of the educational commitment.
Develop a criticism of policies that structure the educational work at national, regional, local and institutional levels and also educational processes underway as well the impact of their own interventions as teachers.
Ground teachers' work from a historical perspective to recognize and assume pedagogy as a comprehensive unit integrating theoretical, practical and instrumental issues.
Develop human conceptualizations to understand the subject structuring process from scientific and interdisciplinary foundations questioned and also conceptualized by pedagogy.
Strengthen pedagogical practices of the learning process as alternative proposals submitted for children care and education and development of research projects that contribute to generate new pedagogical knowledge.
Promote comprehensive care projects to children taking into account the scientific and technological advances.
Develop Educational Projects from training processes to understand a reality where people are involved in educational issues and influence upon different educational performers who work with children care and education where they perform their own pedagogical practices.
Streamline the implementation of pedagogical paradigms through a development of research projects.