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Bachelor´s Degree of Technological Design

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Address: Street 72 No. 11 - 86, Building B
Bogota DC, Colombia, South America
Opening Hours: Monday to friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  - Continuous working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 223 / 224



About Us

Technology Department of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional tends to development and the understanding of a new technological culture tempered by the new paradigms around, the analysis of new symbols and the human capacity development related to innovation and technologic design, in view of improving the living conditions of human beings. 

Meanwhile, the specific character of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and the Dept. of Technology, in the analysis of the history and trends of change, point to research as a path of transformation, achieve the conceptual autonomy in pedagogy Technological Design and its projections to the creation of autonomous academic communities. Thus, the scientific and technological research is assumed from two perspectives: that of the pedagogical models for technology development at different levels, educational levels, cultures and productive contexts. And the one of the prototypes of technology solutions for different educational levels, cultures and productive contexts. 

The Technology Department is present at the national scene, by training leaders who generate educational and research processes in technology and pedagogy of technology, through the achievement of technological and pedagogical alternatives that are innovative in education and the various regions of the country. 



Our Objectives 


- The Program aims to promote the development of scientific, technological and technical knowledge joined to the Technological Design in its projection of individual and social transformation by promoting the development of a technological culture. 

From the teaching and research work, design educational strategies that seek to develop the pedagogical and didactic knowledge in articulation with the Technological Design. 

The program of Bachelor´s Degree in Technological Design has continuously been under renovation since its inception in 1975, adjusting both the technological and pedagogical to the social, cultural and technological needs and development, at domestic and international order. Moving from its first name "Technical Drawing" to "Drafting and Design", "Teaching Design" to the name "Bachelor´s Degree in Technological Design" with emphasis on mechanical systems and to obtain quality accreditation by Resolution No. 4840, October 2005.