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Bachelor´s Degree of Chemistry

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Address: Street 72 No. 11 - 86
Bogota DC, Colombia, South America
Opening Hours: Monday to friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  - Continuous working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 - 347 1190 Ext. 282



About Us

Social and cultural requirements of different levels of education and treatment of problems that happen of the relations between science, technology and the base culture in a society like the Colombian, establish the need of a new sciences teacher and particularly for Colombian chemistry education. 

The experimental curriculum project for the training of bachelors of Chemistry presents an alternative model of academic work, which enables the construction of a school of thought in which students and teachers think and transform the educational reality researching, experimenting and innovating on problems and realities of science education. The curriculum project welcomes the issues presented in the current regulations, adjusting to the University Academic Regulations in particular (Resolution 035 of 2006 of the High Council). In this regard, a new vision is arising about the work done by the student body in relation to credits and the hourly intensities defined for each academic space. 



Our Objectives 

This curriculum project, from a research perspective, aims to test a curriculum that enables the formation of a professor of Chemistry characterized by a number of attributes required in accordance with the teaching and curriculum research, in relation with the formation of teachers of sciences, arises in response to the question about what has to know, know-how and know how to be a chemistry teacher for a professional quality exercise. Hence, our objectives are as follows:  

Design, test and validate a curriculum for training teachers of Chemistry, since its components enables the formation of a chemistry teacher characterized in terms of chemical knowledge by scientists and epistemological assumptions, which underlie and are based on the theoretical framework. 


Design, test and validate a curriculum for the training of a teacher of Chemistry, characterized in terms of know-how by epistemological, pedagogical and didactic for doing so that are based on the theoretical and practical framework. 

Create opportunities for academic work experiences and to form a Chemistry teacher with some capacities that belong to the affective domain, such as the ability to make value judgments, decisions, and respect for the others` thinking, the ability to work in groups and therefore tolerance and social harmony as fundamental aspects of his knowledge being.