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Bachelor´s Degree of Physics

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Address: Street 72 No. 11 - 86
Bogota DC, Colombia, South America
Opening Hours: Monday to friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  - Continuous working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 242



About Us

The Physics teaching in relation to historical and cultural specificities, guides the academic and training activities of the program and set the macro problem to investigate. The training of students in an environment in which teachers continually discuss their concerns and developments around the teaching of physics, implementing their proposals in this regard, not only provides favorable conditions for students to become involved in activity of knowledge production in the field, but to build a culture of dialogue and respect for differences of concepts, methods, shapes and styles, in the specific field of Physics education and of course in the personal, humanistic and social order. 

The program includes contemporary conceptions of knowledge circulating in our environment, fact that supports the emphasis on cultural contexts and the recognition that becomes increasingly significant to the mass media and information technology in the educational process and cultural role. 



Our Objectives 

Train a Physics teacher as an intellectual capable of making his/her practice a work environment conducive for research, capable of producing new knowledge, to create teams and suggest lines of inquiry in relation to their professional practice. 
Encouraging the generation of opportunities for reflection on the social role of science and its teaching, its relationship to other cultural activities and its ability to intervene in the transformation of cultural practices. 

Provide teachers and students access to technology advances in the field of information technology and encourage reflection on the implications that such developments have on the educational and cultural spheres. 



Mission and Vision 


The Department of Physics at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional aims to create a research and educational environment that enables to make this academic space, an example of teacher´s training on this area, for the country; both new teachers required by the educational system and as well the practicing teachers. 

We desire a Dept. of Physics conducive to the creation of a new educational and get-together culture, on the basis of autonomy, the development of thinking, pedagogical changes, the development of science and technology and the information revolution with the purpose of achieve a comprehensive and ongoing training for all students without exception. 

The Department of Physics of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional consistent with the Educational Policy Project at the UPN, has as its Mission the provision of educational services in the field of Physics Education for Colombia. For that it is looked that the education what is given is accord to the needs and expectations of the school community. This through the formulation and development of projects and programs to provide extension services to the community, expert advising and consultancies that help in solving educational problems of the country. 

Our organization must promote and manage the continuous change in the education sector, permanently updating the pedagogical and didactic models, so that we can ensure the continuous improvement of the learning processes that occur within the Department and the active participation of academic community.