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Bachelor´s Degree of Music

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Address: Calle 78 No. 9-92 - El Nogal 
Bogota DC, Colombia, South America 
Opening Hours: Monday to friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm  - Continuous working day 
Phone: (57-1) 346 5853 - 346 5786 - 347 4759 



About us


The Bachelor of Music Program in the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional has a history of nearly forty years of commitment to teacher training in the field of music. In 1974, graduated the first class of Experts in Musical Pedagogy and from that time forward teachers have been trained with musical and pedagogical knowledge applied to teaching music.

Socio-cultural dynamics of the country and educational policies have allowed the program to evolve and change adjusting to the needs of the context and expectations of applicants and students. Thus graduates have not only positioned in educative spheres of music education, but their training has enabled them to be placed in settings of cultural management, research and artistic projects.

Graduates of the Faculty, positioned at local and national education level have being proved successful to the point many of them have been responsible for designing music programs in other universities, and others are currently part of the professors of Bachelor of music. There is also a national and international recognition of the program, its staff and graduates based on contributions they have been made in the music teaching regarding pedagogy, research and social development.



Our objectives



The Bachelor of Music Program is mapped out to train the best professionals in music education. This means training professional individuals and human beings: art is human-made and human-making. In this sense, it is set up on the concept of influencing the educational and cultural policies of the country in order to educate an ethical, committed and creative professional; a teacher beyond the classroom, a new historical protagonist; a leader and manager of options that influence the transformation and development of Colombian music education. 



The Bachelor of Music program is projected into the near future as a scenario for ongoing reflection and knowledge production on the musical pedagogy. Strengthening the "professional identity of the teacher, his/her appreciation and objectives in the social context, and as a worker of culture" (PEI, 1997: 48) is an institutional purpose hosted by the Faculty of Fine Arts that impacts on students` training processes. We intend to lead at national level pedagogic, artistic and cultural projects besides an impact on education policy. The renewal of pedagogical and didactic discourse of arts and particularly music is an ongoing project in which all members of the educational community are involved.