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Department of Social Sciences

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About Us 

The Dept. of Social Sciences at the UPN is composed by undergraduate programs, i.e. Bachelor’s Degree of Basic Education with Emphasis in Social Sciences (LEBECS), Bachelor’s Degree of Philosophy, and Master of Social Studies. It is linked to University since 1955 where we began offering Bachelor’s Degree of Social Sciences supported by some professors and graduates of the Normal Higher School (1936-1952).

Our Department has been developing a model of training teachers in ​​social sciences and philosophy incorporating teaching, research and social projects in several fields of education in our country. Research in education, training and disciplines allows planning proposals for critical understanding in the Colombian teaching and learning process.


Our Department is projected as a cross-disciplinary academic division with the ability to innovate in the field of pedagogy, disciplines and social sciences and humanities in order to contribute to the integral development of people to improve the social conditions of the Colombian nation.