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Faculty of Physical Education

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Address: Calle 183 Cra. 54D Esquina
Bogota, Colombia, South America 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Continuous working day
PBX: (57-1) 678 8888 - 670 7035 Ext 119-101. 



About Us 

Upon creation of FOPE, through Resolution 076 of 1994, the Higher Council of UPN continues the commitment begun in 1936 by Instituto Nacional de Educación Física, as academic division of training PE teachers. 

The subsequent changes on academic and administrative structure of the Faculty, and the relevant conceptualization, objectives and purposes of their undergraduate curriculum projects, the implementation of postgraduate curriculum projects, entail a systematic attention to local needs of training PE teachers, Recreation, Sports and Sport Administration. 

Hence, the mission of FOPE: “… undergraduate and graduate training with a well-founded educational, scientific and humanistic basis” and “the strengthening of research to support the knowledge production of education and the relevant discipline” to achieve recognition as academic quality division at the local, regional and national level, not only should not lose validity but support the compliance of mission objectives of teaching, research and extension from each undergraduate and graduate program.

Pursuant to the provisions of Decree 2092 of 1994, Article 13, the FOPE endorses duties contained to achieve its mission, including:  

- Plan, implement and control the research, the design, the management and the curriculum assessment. 

- Foster and promote scientific and technological breakthrough and promote research in the relevant area through cross-disciplinary programs to incorporate training and extension around priority areas of interest defined by the Academic Council.