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Department of Musical Education

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Address: Calle 72 No. 11 - 86
Bogota D.C., Colombia, South America 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Continuous working day
Phone: (57-1) 594 1894 Ext. 483



The Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional is committed to train arts bachelors, who should be aware of the Nation needs and society changes, which impact directly the art education field. In this regard, the Faculty will educate the best professionals involved in arts education, who could play their role in official and unconventional training. 

The Faculty, in turn, is strongly linked with different areas of academic discussion on art education, education policy and cultural policy. It proposes and develops management and research projects of such areas and will be involved in diverse scenarios of artistic production of our country. 


The Faculty of Fine Arts should emphasize on a very devoted academic and policymaking engagement at both inside and outside of the UPN. For instance, it is evident that UPN as advisory body of the Ministry of Education, then the Faculty of Arts should be delegated to be acquainted with and contribute to decisions and guidelines for arts at all levels concerning education.


  Typify the current pedagogy topics and issues from a blend of different forms of knowledge based on an interdisciplinary perspective. 
  Recognize the conceptual, cultural and ethical frameworks of pedagogy in relation to knowledge building and socialization dynamics approach. 
  Generate strategies for training and didactics of in-service teachers from a reflection and systematization of their teaching. 
  Provide scenarios for pedagogical and didactic training of in-service teachers from a reflection and systematization of their teaching. 
  Provide reflection chances to qualify teaching and practice of other professionals from design and systematization of educational and social projects.